Digital Media

Computer files a mess? Online photos in a jumble? I can help organize all digital media in a clean and concise manner so you can quickly locate your files.

Moving Prep

Preparing to move to a new home? It's much easier to declutter your items ahead of time - less to pack, move and unpack. In addition to decluttering, I can also help wrap and box up your possessions.


Moving to a smaller home? What a perfect time to go through your belongings. I'll help you pare down what you have and recycle/sell/dispose of the items you no longer need. 

Garage Sale Prep

Finished decluttering and now have the daunting task of executing a garage sale? I'm here for you. From setting up the sale by organizing and merchandizing your goods, cleaning up after and moving all unsold items, I can help make this task an easy one.


1. Declutter

First, we declutter by going through each item and getting your vote on what stays and what goes. For items that go, we have trash, recycle, donate and sell piles.


2. Organize

Next, we organize. We gather like items together - such as all books, all clothes, all office supplies - and do a second round of decluttering. Often times we’ll find you have multiple copies of an item and can let the extras go.


3. Store

Last, we find a logical home for each group of items and store them accordingly.  We’ll use the containers you already have; rarely do we need to get more.

Once the project is complete, I like to stand back and take in what we have accomplished. The sense of peace and tranquility that comes from removing the visual clutter is wonderful, and a moment I love to cherish with my clients.

  • Closet

  • Garage

  • Kitchen

  • Office

  • Basement

  • Whole house

  • Storage space

  • Moving prep

  • Downsizing

  • Commercial space

  • Hourly: $55

  • Free phone consultation

  • 4 hour minimum​

  • Gift certificates available

Need help with something I didn't mention? Just ask - I'm always up for a new challenge.


Whether it be a single closet, room, or an entire house, I can help bring order back into your home and your life. In addition to general decluttering and organizing of any room in your house, I offer some specialized services listed below.

Attack your clutter!