About Me

Monique Fauré 

My name is Monique Fauré and I get excited about decluttering opportunities!  I've always loved to problem solve, and look at each organizing job as a compelling new challenge. I am thoughtful, compassionate, kind, and non-judgemental, open and willing to work with each client on a personal level to achieve the results they want.

I started out my career in retail, working as a merchandising manager at Macy's, where I put together displays and vignettes of goods throughout the ready-to-wear departments.

I then moved into the tech industry, working in the engineering department as a developer and manager for almost a decade. Now, I've decided to take my problem-solving and design skills in a new direction, to pursue something I am truly passionate about. Thus Operation Organize was born, to bring my skills and love of decluttering to others in the community. 

My vision

To surround ourselves with objects that delight us and have true meaning. To create a home for each item so it can always be returned to its rightful place.

My philosophy

I don’t just take everything you own and organize it into boxes. I want to move things out of your life that no longer bring happiness, to make your life more open, free and peaceful. I want to remove visual clutter. I want to fill your home with objects that mean something and remove items that are no longer worthwhile.

While some folks find it hard to believe, I get excited about each new project; I don’t see clutter as something to be ashamed of, I see it as a puzzle that needs to be solved.


The next question is: how do I make this philosophy work for you?